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:How Long Do Dental Implants Last

Posted on 3/20/2023 by Ranches Family Dental
:How Long Do Dental Implants LastImplants have a high rate of success and may be made to last longer by practicing good oral hygiene, which involves keeping the implants clean and free of plaque at all times. This allows the implants to stay longer and protects them from infection, which might cause them to become unstable in the mouth.

Movement of implants or the need for replacement is unusual. If an implant moves out of its original position, it may be a sign that the surrounding bone tissue is not giving sufficient support. In this case, you should contact a dental office as soon as possible.

Healthy Oral Hygiene Habits Can Help Implants Last Longer

At-home dental implant maintenance is comparable to the care required for natural teeth. If you maintain a high level of oral hygiene at home, you can ensure that your implants will survive many years and will not ever need to be replaced. Daily flossing with implant-specific or wax-free floss may assist in maintaining a clean and plaque-free environment in the affected region. In addition, be sure to clean your implants using a toothbrush that has a low abrasive level, such as a soft brush, and because of this, there will be less chance of the implants being damaged. In addition to this. stay away from any meals, beverages, or items that have components that have the potential to discolor your teeth.

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