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Procedures That Whiten Teeth

Posted on 9/25/2023 by Ranches Family Dental
Procedures That Whiten TeethWhite teeth are attractive, not just that, but also healthy. Teeth whitening is a process that aims at restoring the brightness and whiteness of teeth. Whitening of the teeth comes with many advantages including boosting your appearance and also confidence. Many methods are offered by dentists for whitening teeth. Some methods can however cause side effects especially when it comes to sensitivity and irritation of the gums. Let us look into the various ways that are used.

Professional In-Office Whitening

Regardless of how easy the process might be, you will always use the advice of a doctor. This process involves the use of high concentrations of active ingredients. This method is highly effective. The high-concentration bleaching agents that are used lighten the teeth's color in a single session. This saves you time and energy. A dentist might use a solution of hydrogen peroxide for a maximum of 30 minutes. In some cases, lasers may be employed as much as they might not be as effective, but it is still under research.

Home whitening kits

They are kits containing professional whitening gels or paste that is in the form of sticky strips. There are different kinds of kits, some kits involve covering your teeth with a whitening agent and then placing a mouth guard on your teeth. Others involve a heat lamp UV light within the mouthguard that is used to radiate the paste. The mouth guard keeps the bleaching agent for as long as possible increasing its absorption. It is however important to note that the whitening kits have a low concentration hence it might take longer to achieve the expected results as compared to in-office procedures. You, therefore, will have to use the kit for a maximum of two weeks, every day to achieve the expected results.

Whitening products

These are over-the-counter options that do not work well compared to professional treatments. They contain baking soda that works as an abrasive to clean the stains away. They include whitening toothpaste and strips that contain fluoride for the safety of your enamel. These products also contain charcoal and low concentrations of hydrogen peroxide and carbamide. If used too often, however, these products can cause corrosion on the tooth's enamel.
You are therefore advised to consult with our dentist on how to use the products safely. The mentioned methods above are just some ways that can be used to restore a radiant smile. Our orthodontists on the other hand are equipped with skills for performing such operations with precision assuring you of the best results. Call us today and book an appointment.
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