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How Can I Find a Dentist in a New Town?

Posted on 2/2/2024 by Weo Admin
a woman getting a dental examThousands of Americans pick up stakes and move to a new town every day, either for a new job, to escape overly hot or cold weather, or to relocate closer to family. One of the hardest parts about moving is finding new medical and dental professionals. A good dentist is not easy to find, especially if you are relocating to a town where you do not know anyone yet. How can you go about finding a new dental practitioner?

Ask Your Current Dentist

If you have an excellent relationship with your dentist, you should begin your quest for a new dentist by asking if your dentist knows a good practitioner in the area you are moving to. Dentists have to go to continuing education workshops and conferences, which are opportunities for dentists to meet and network. There is a fairly good chance your current dentist may know another dentist in the area you are moving to. If you trust your current dentist and you think they do excellent work, a recommendation for a new dentist is an excellent way to start.

Ask Relatives And Friends

Do you already know someone in your new town? If you do, or if you have been in your new town for a few months, it is time to start asking friends, coworkers, or family members which dentist they go to. By asking around, you should be able to get a fairly large list of good dentists in the area.

Referral Services

There are several dental associations that have member directories where you can look for dentists in your area. For example, the American Dental Association has a member referral directory, so you can look for area dental practitioners.

Look At Websites And Read Reviews

Once you have a list of dentists, it is time to take a look at their websites. Often, dental websites include patient reviews, so you can read up on prospective dentists there. You can also look at review sites, such as Google reviews to get more information as well.

Are you having trouble finding a new dentist? We can help. Why not give our office a call today?

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