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Does GERD Affect Your Teeth?

Posted on 7/15/2019 by Ranches Family Dental
Does GERD Affect Your Teeth?It may surprise you to learn that dentists work with the digestive system every day. This is because your dental health depends on healthy digestion. When you have GERD, you can severely damage your teeth.

How GERD Affects Your Oral Health

GERD is known to cause acid reflux in your mouth. This means that acid is entering your mouth where it can then weaken your teeth and cause you to have bad breath. It may also lead to an H. Pylori infection in your mouth. This is a type of bacteria that's characterized by sores and oftentimes it'll also lead to the development of dental disease and gum disease. You'll know that you have a problem because your gums will start to bleed.

Fortunately, all of this is very treatable. We must first work with your physician to get your stomach's issues under control though. Otherwise, you will have a never-ending cycle because we'll get the bacteria out of your mouth, but it'll still be present in your stomach so eventually it'll return to your mouth too.

This is a cycle you'll want to put an end to as soon as possible. Otherwise, it can lead to all kinds of problems, including losing your tooth enamel, damaging your gums, and causing you to have a dry mouth which can lead to plaque buildup. Once plaque starts building up on your teeth, you'll experience more cavities and your teeth will start to decay. When these things start to happen, you'll be in our office frequently.

If you're currently suffering from GERD, you should give our office a call. We want to make sure that your teeth are healthy and strong enough to survive a lifetime with you. So, we'll schedule an appointment for a routine cleaning and checkup. This is something you should do today.
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