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Why is Plaque Sticky?

Posted on 1/20/2020 by City Smiles DC
Why is Plaque Sticky?While reading about dental health, you may have come across the term “plaque.” Plaque is a sticky substance that adheres to the surfaces of the teeth. Plaque is caused by an excess buildup of bacteria in the mouth.

One small spot of plaque can contain up to millions of bacteria. What makes plaque so dangerous is its ability to eat away at your teeth. Also, it's very hard to remove with normal brushing and flossing.

Plaque is sticky because of the bacteria it contains. As the bacteria eat the leftover food in your mouth, they excrete a sticky substance. Many scientists believe bacteria excrete this substance as a biological mechanism to help them stay attached to teeth for longer so that they can get more food. While brushing your teeth removes some of the bacteria in your mouth, it can't remove plaque. This is because of how sticky it is.

How to Remove Plaque

You may be wondering how to remove plaque since it's so sticky. While brushing regularly can't remove plaque, a visit to our office can. The reason we offer dental cleanings is to remove the built up plaque that survives after brushing at home. During a dental cleaning, we use a slightly abrasive tool to remove the plaque from your teeth. Compared to a toothbrush, this tool is more aggressive. Alongside the tool, we often use a toothpaste similar to the one you use at home.

If you're worried about plaque buildup, give us a call. When you do, you can schedule an appointment for a teeth cleaning. It's important to make a visit to our office every six months to avoid plaque buildup. Once plaque hardens, it's very difficult to remove, and your teeth may require extra attention to make them fully clean.
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