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Does Forgetting to Floss Leave Your Teeth Looking Dingy?

Posted on 2/8/2021 by Ranches Family Dental
Does Forgetting to Floss Leave Your Teeth Looking Dingy?Good oral hygiene is important to maintain a pearly white smile. To keep your mouth clean, you should brush and floss regularly. However, most people underestimate the benefits of flossing as far as maintaining white teeth is concerned. While flossing is meant to remove food particles between your teeth, failure to floss may also impact their appearance and make them look dingy due to stains and plaque buildup.

Buildup of Stains

If you consume foods and beverages such as strawberry, red wine, black tea, and coffee, your teeth will likely stain if you fail to floss. Usually, if you cannot brush or floss immediately, you should rinse your mouth to prevent permanent staining. If you brush your teeth, you will remove stains on your teeth surface where the toothbrush bristles can reach. Therefore, failure to floss will stain between your teeth surfaces, giving your teeth a dingy look.

Plaque Buildup

Flossing your teeth is useful to remove plaque between your teeth surfaces. If left to accumulate, plaque will harden into tartar and expose your teeth to decay. The plaque will also attract cavity-causing bacteria, which feed on sugars and release acids, corroding the enamel and causing decay. Decayed teeth will usually turn color from pearly white to a brown shade, giving you a dull smile. Teeth coated with plaque also have a dingy appearance, affecting your esteem and confidence. To prevent teeth stains and plaque, you should floss your teeth at least twice a day after brushing. While this routine is effective, it may not remove stubborn plaque and stains from your teeth, which is why you should schedule dental cleanings with us at least twice. We will remove any stains and plaques on your teeth during these cleanings and restore your pearly white smile. For more details on flossing, contact our office today.
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