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Watch for These Signs of Early Oral Cancer

Posted on 8/23/2021 by Ranches Family Dental
Watch for These Signs of Early Oral CancerOral cancer usually starts as a painless white patch that thickens. These patches may turn red. Also called mouth cancer, it resembles an ulcer that does not heal. Oral cancer can be found in the mouth, upper throat, hard or soft palate, sinuses, or the lining of the lips. It is important to recognize early signs of oral cancer as it can spread and become life threatening.

Early Signs of Oral Cancer

Several symptoms of oral cancer can be easily identified. One of the first symptoms of oral cancer is a change in the area inside the mouth. You may have swelling or thickening of mouth or gum tissue. You may discover lumps or bumps or rough spots in your mouth. You may also see an eroded area on your lips or gums or some place inside your mouth. These changes could be early symptoms of oral cancer.

If you do have a painless white patch in your mouth, watch it carefully. If the patch turns red or is a combination of red and white, it is imperative that you have checked out right away. If these lesions are bleeding, or do not heal, make an appointment with our office immediately. These symptoms may be early signs of oral cancer.

During allergy season you may experience a feeling that something is caught in the back of your throat. While this could be an allergy symptom, this could also be an early sign of oral cancer. If you have difficulty chewing or swallowing or a chronic sore throat, it is important to get that checked out.

Call Our Office

Call our office today if you can relate to any of these symptoms. We want to help you to identify what may be going on in your mouth. We look forward to seeing you twice a year for your routine cleaning and checkup. Give us a call to schedule your next appointment.
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