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4 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Oral Health

Posted on 1/10/2022 by Ranches Family Dental
4 Ways Alcohol Can Affect Your Oral HealthExcessive alcohol consumption is linked to the ill health of the body including oral health. Consuming alcohol affects the health of the body in different ways. Often, the conversation about alcohol and its effects on the body tends to leave out oral health. Although the immediate link between alcohol and oral health might not be made, the truth is that the former is greatly likely to impact the latter.

How Alcohol Damages the Mouth

There is a cause-and-effect relationship when it comes to alcohol use and oral health whereby alcohol serves as the catalyst for suffering from various diseases that impact your oral health. From dental decay to gum disease to increased chances of developing cancer, all these may develop in people who excessively consume alcohol than those who don't.

Alcohol and Teeth

When you consume alcohol, the acids, and sugars contained in it temporarily weaken your enamel just the same soda and juice do. Although saliva assists by washing away the sugars and preventing them from sticking to the teeth, however, when you drink several alcoholic drinks in a short time, the damaged enamel doesn't have time to repair itself. As such, you may suffer tooth decay from the sugars and acids within the alcohol and poor oral hygiene habits - a common thing among alcohol abusers.

Alcohol and Gum Disease

Gum disease resulting from bacteria growth within the mouth can arise if you over-consume alcohol. Sugars found in alcohol provide food for bacteria and also irritate gums hence causing bleeding, swelling, as well as bad breath. As the gum disease progresses, your gum tissue loosens, where you develop dental pockets. In the end, you have tooth loss.

Alcohol and the Tongue

Often, alcohol tends to dry the mouth and can dehydrate the entire body. A dry mouth caused by alcohol can lead to a white tongue, a health condition in which the papillae are inflamed and dead cells along with bacteria get trapped in them. This causes a white film that covers the tongue's surface. The absence of saliva due to dryness caused by alcohol means that food particles and bacteria settling around the teeth are not washed away effectively. You may have bad breath and even black hairy tongue because of alcohol consumption effects on the tongue.

To help combat the negative effects of alcohol on oral health, make sure you drink in moderation. Brush the teeth twice daily and floss regularly. Contact our dental office to learn more about alcohol's effect on your oral health and how to mitigate the problem.

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