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When Should You Consider Visiting A Dentist?

Posted on 10/10/2022 by Ranches Family Dental
When Should You Consider Visiting A Dentist?Everyone knows that having regular dental checkups is vital for oral health. But how often do you visit a dentist? Some people wait until they experience tooth pain, swelling, or bleeding gums to make an appointment. While consulting a dentist when you have oral concerns is vital, making a dental appointment every six months will make your gums and teeth strong and healthy. Here are signs that indicate it's time to see a dentist.

Increased Sensitivity in the Teeth

Teeth sensitivity to hot and cold or certain foods can result from exposed tooth roots or damaged teeth enamel. Also, it can occur due to a filling that requires fixing or gum diseases. If left untreated, the exposed area can cause pulp damage, leading to severe tooth pain. Your dentist will start by underlying the cause of sensitivity. Depending on the cause and condition of your teeth, he might recommend desensitizing toothpaste, fluoride, surgical gum graft, or root canal.

Cracked or Chipped Tooth

Cracked or chipped teeth can happen as you age or after chewing hard foods. Pressure from teeth grinding can also damage your teeth. Living with a cracked or chipped tooth can affect your smile and cause pain, sensitivity, and swelling of the gums. Because of this, seeking professional help is vital. The dentist will perform visual examinations and X-rays to know the root cause of the damage. Depending on the extent and cause of damage, the dentist may recommend teeth bonding, crown, root canal, or extraction.

Jaw Pain

A jaw problem is a dental concern that affects people of all ages. It can occur due to trauma or broken jaw, TMJ disorders, birth defects, and teeth misalignment. The dentist will first recommend a non-invasive treatment method to alleviate the pain. He may prescribe a mouth guard or muscle relaxers to prevent grinding your teeth and relieve jaw tension. If the pain continues, the dentist may suggest jaw surgery. If you are experiencing any oral concerns, our dentists are here to help.

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