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Most Common Dental Myths

Posted on 10/24/2022 by Ranches Family Dental
Most Common Dental MythsDental myths can cause havoc to your oral health if not addressed correctly. Most of these myths come from the point of fear and painful, uncomfortable dental experiences that a patient has had during dental appointments. Therefore, what are the common dental myths?

You Should Always Extract Wisdom teeth

There is always a common belief that you should go to a dentist for wisdom teeth extraction once they come out. That is a false myth. Extraction can only happen when the teeth have suffered from tooth decay or are causing infections due to poor positioning and development. Dentists can extract wisdom teeth when the Maxilla is not spacious enough to allow the correct teeth development.

Cavities always hurt

Another common myth is that cavities always hurt, which is false. Cavities can occur in any part of the tooth, but experiencing pain due to this cavity depends on which part of the tooth it has affected.

Cavities in the enamel may not always produce painful sensations and thus become difficult even to realize that you are affected. You may feel the pain when the infection spreads to the dentin and when your mouths come into contact with hot or cold drinks.

Flossing or Rinsing Replaces Brushing

No amount of flossing or rinsing can replace the regular brushing of teeth. Rinsing is not a substitute for brushing but a complementary element that aids in maintaining good oral hygiene. Flossing only accounts for 30% of overall teeth brushing; thus, this myth is incorrect.

I Only Have to Go to the Dentist When I Feel Discomfort

Most people believe you only need to make dental appointments when you experience pain; that is not the case. Regular dental checkups are necessary for maintaining good dental hygiene and oral health. Generally, dental myths are misleading and may bring problems to your oral health, therefore, you should seek professional dental guidance to be fully aware of your dental health.

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