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Pediatric Dentistry Eagle Mountain UT

Young girl brushing her teeth All too often, adults may dread going to the dentist - but because they are adults, they know the benefits of proper oral health. Unfortunately, children usually do not understand the importance of seeing the dentist and respond with fear and trepidation when they arrive at the clinic. Rest assured that here at Ranches Family Dental, our skilled staff has a gentle approach when it comes to working with our frightened and most precious patients. We believe starting children on the path of good oral care at an early age is vital to their long-term health and development.

A Visit with the Pediatric Dentist, as Easy as One, Tooth, Three

Pediatric dentists have not only the compassion to work with your little one, but we also have the extra skill and training to ensure the highest quality of care for your child. At our office, our goal is to give your child the same high-quality care that you would expect for yourself, but in gentle and non-scary manner that will put their minds at ease.

We know that going to the dentist is never the highlight of anyone’s day, but children are especially prone to fear about our office. We take pride in giving your child a dental experience that is free from crying and tears and has them leaving with a happy and healthy smile on his or her face.

It’s very important to start your child on good oral health care habits at an early age. The benefits of seeing a pediatric dentist include:

•  Prevention of gum disease. Even if your child has not gotten their baby teeth yet, they are still at risk for developing gum disease. You can clean babys mouth at home with a soft, microfiber cloth to help prevent infection.

•  Stopping cavities in their tracks. Eating solid foods is not a requirement for tooth decay. If your child drinks juice or milk from a bottle, then they are at risk for cavities.

•  Encouraging growth and development. Unhealthy teeth can negatively impact your childs growth and development, preventing them from learning how to eat properly.

•  Shaping their faces. The quality of your childs oral health can impact how their permanent teeth grow in and may affect their bone and jaw structure.

At our office, we’ll address both you and our little patient, so you both know exactly what is happening when your child is in our exam chair. Before we move forward with any procedure, we’ll explain it in a manner that puts your kid at ease. We know your child doesn’t like unwelcome surprises, so we won’t use any loud tools or do anything that may startle him or her without first explaining what it is. Our office is a safe and inviting place, and we strive to make you and your child feel comfortable and welcome here.

Whether this is your child’s first dental appointment or they’ve visited our office before, it’s always a good idea to sit them down and let them know what to expect. Talking to your child about going to the dentist and allowing them to ask questions can put their minds at ease. Getting them started on supervised brushing and flossing can help prevent any unwanted, painful experiences when they come in.

If you’re ready to schedule a dental appointment with our kind and gentle and highly trained staff, please give us a call here at Ranches Family Dental at (385) 374-0500 today to make an appointment with us for your little one!

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Our pediatric dentists have not only the compassion to work with your little one, but also the extra skill and training to ensure the highest quality of care!
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