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Dental Crowns: In-Depth

Rendering of jaw with dental crownWhether your teeth are stained or damaged or you recently got a root canal procedure, you may have been told that you need a dental crown. These little caps are a great option for patients who may have weakened teeth that need extra strength and support. As a bonus, they can also restore the appearance of your smile, lending a healthy appearance to a compromised tooth. However, they’re not just for cosmetic purposes; crowns are often a choice offered to patients to help preserve a tooth that might otherwise require extraction. Here at Ranches Family Dental, we typically fit our patient with either gold, ceramic, or porcelain crowns, allowing our patients to have not only a healthier smile but also a more beautiful smile.

Three Types of Dental Crowns and Their Benefits

While a crown may be a medical necessity to add an extra layer of protection to a tooth that recently had a root canal, it’s also a great choice for patients who are wanting to improve the appearance of stained, eroded, or chipped teeth. These are a fantastic option for patients who may have broken teeth as well or a cavity that may be difficult to fill. They can also lend structure and support to a dental bridge or cover a dental implant.

Depending on where you need your crown placed, we can offer you three different types of materials for your crown:
•  Gold. Gold crowns are great for chewing teeth, such as molars. They are incredibly strong, adding extra strength to your tooth. However, because they are made out of gold, they tend to be highly visible. Because of that, we advise gold crowns for back teeth instead of your front teeth.
•  All-ceramic. For front teeth, we like to recommend all-ceramic crowns to our patients. Because they are fragile and can chip, we do not want to place them over your molars. They are also not good for patients who tend to grind their teeth. They fit well in tight spaces and can be dyed to match your surrounding teeth, making them a subtle and natural addition to your tooth.
•  Porcelain-fused-to-metal. These combine the best of both worlds, merging strength and a natural appearance. These can be used on either your back or your front teeth, making them a popular choice for our patients. The downside, though, is that once your gums start to recede, the metal portion of this crown may become visible.

Dental Crown Procedure

Getting a crown fitted can span several appointments to ensure a superior fit.

The first step includes removing any damaged portion of the affected tooth, so we’ll begin by giving you anesthesia to prevent pain. Next, we’ll take an impression of your teeth using a rubber putty material; then we’ll send that mold to our lab to start the manufacturing of your crown. While you wait for your crown, you’ll receive a temporary crown to serve as a placeholder. Once your crown returns to us from the lab, we’ll fix it using dental cement. From start to finish, this entire process generally takes less than two weeks.

If you’re suffering from the shame and embarrassment of missing teeth and you’re not sure what your next step should be, give us a call here at Ranches Family Dental at (385) 374-0500. We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about bridges and help you schedule an appointment for a consultation.
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If you're suffering from the shame and embarrassment of missing teeth and you're not sure what your next step should be, give us a call here at (385) 374-0500.
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